The top quality responsive slider for Joomla!

Responsive / Touch enabled / Highly customizable / Compatible with generation / First-class customer support

Officially supported from

This Joomla! module is based on the premium iOS Slider jQuery plugin and it's officially supported by its creator

Create Sliders in Joomla! from any source

You can create sliders using as source K2, Joomla! banner component or Filesystem.. and more are coming ;-)

Get premium support service

Buy a licence and get lifetime premium support on the Joomla! CMS module and the jQuery Script

The top quality responsive slider for Joomla!

Touch screen support / Infinite data sources slideshow
photo gallery with image / html text / video embedded


Choose among different sources


iOS Slider for Joomla! Is a carousel, slideshow and photogallery module for Joomla! CMS with support of several sources like:

  • K2, the content extension for Joomla! with full support of text and images;
  • Joomla core Banner component, with support of text and images of the articles;
  • The filesystem, to quickly create on the fly photogalleries based on the files in a filesystem folder;

and many more are going to be supported.

Internet Explorer 7+ support


iOS Slider for Joomla! supports the most modern browsers, but also old versions like IE7

Touch support for iOS / Android / Surface

The touch features Works with iOS (Safari Version 4+ / Chrome Version 19+), Android  (Stock versione 2.3+ / ) and Surface (IE 10+) 

Higly customizable thanks to a huge choice of settings, callbacks and methods

Based on iOSlider



The gallery is based on the premium jQuery plugin iOS Slider official website, a stable, powerful and high performance script loved by develpers.

Joomla MVC Compatible

Developed following strict PHP and Joomla! standards and clean code.

High customization level

Possibility to override the template and add new alternative templates thank to its extendable architecture.